3 card poker – Time for great wins

3 card poker –  Time for great wins

3 card poker – Time for great wins

3 card poker – Play and win real money

3 card poker is a very popular game among gamblers. If knowing how to win online poker tournaments and some tips and have some basics skills about the games, it will be easier to kick and have fun with friends just at home.

How to play?

3 card poker has gained popularity not only because it is fun, but also because it is easy to learn. Three Card Poker is like two games in a Las Vegas casino in one. You can not only play against the dealer, but also win depending on how good your cards are.

How to play 3 card poker? Here are 3 card poker rules:

  1. To begin with, the player makes side bets, making a bet that he will have a hand, at least with a pair or better.
  2. Then, three cards are dealt face down to each player and dealer. You play only as a dealer and not as other players at the table.
  3. After that, the player will look at his hand and decide to place a game bet to put his hand against the dealer’s hand or not. The optimal strategy is that the player must “play” all hands more than Queen, Six and Four, and lose all hands.
  4. If the player discards the cards, the hand ends, and the dealer takes the player’s bet. If a player bets on the game, the cards are flipped to determine if the player has a better hand than the dealer.
  5. If the dealer has a hand with Jack High or worse, the game bet is returned to the player.
  6. If the dealer’s hand is superior, both the ante and play bets are collected.

The goal of the game is to collect the best poker combination of three cards.

Hand rankings

Poker is not an as difficult game as it seems at first sight. The more you play the better you will play after that. Moreover, live poker is easier than online poker. However, you must play once a time, in order to know or if you do not try, play now and make sure.

Poker hands ranking is a classic poker. Pocket aces, which are the strongest starting hand in poker, are a strong preflop favorite over any two other cards and 4: 1 favorites on almost any hand.

Poker hands from highest to lowest:

  • Royal flush;
  • Straight flush;
  • Four of a kind;
  • Full house;
  • Flush;
  • Straight;
  • Three of a kind;
  • Two pair;
  • Pairs;
  • High Card.

A Royal Flush is made up of 5 cards in the same suit. It is the fourth on the list of poker hand rankings. However, the word “flush” does not mean that there are five cards in the same suit, but it is easy to master and easy to understand.


3 card poker is a unique poker option available in the best online casinos, as well as in land-based venues. The game is easy to play, with a moderate advantage, so players can really win.

Here are 3 card poker strategies:

  1. Learn 3 card poker rules;
  2. Practice online;
  3. Set Your Bankroll;
  4. Play Two Games at Once;
  5. Find the Best Online Casino.

3 card poker is easy to learn and play, plus it is based not only on luck, but also on an element of choice based on skills. By studying the rules and the basic 3 card poker strategy, you can make decisions to make a profit with the gameplay.


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